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From Tractorpulling

to Warchild !

Couple of years KoFo has sponsored Tractorpulling events and was one of the mainsponsors of a team, "KoFo roughneck".
Now we're in a complete different sponsoring branche : we support Warchild, by a very extra-ordinary project :

a girl what drives on a tractor to the Southpool !

First, she would take an Massey-Ferguson tractor, but after a first trial-drive on a Deutz tractor to the Eiffeltower in Paris, she decided that that was the tractor to go with. Aircooled, but without a cabine, she is already almost through complete Africa !

For all kind of information, please take a few moments to look on her website www.tractortractor.org.
Sure you will be estonished !!!

As a theatre maker I came up with a plan for a journey.
A journey of a little girl on a tractor.
A journey to the end of the world, and back.
But what is the end of the world?
If I was a child, I would say: the South pole!
As an adult I said: the worst war-country I can imagine.
Both voices, the one of the child and the one of the adult, said: We want to go!
Then I thought: All right, we’ll just dó that.

                                                                       (Manon Ossevoort, neighbourgirl of KoFo's owner)Print

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