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always 50 tractors in stock!

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Every tractor that arrives in our Base, is given a thorough check, including a Dynamometer test. This print out accompanies the tractor to the workshop, which acts on the information. 

Our workshop is equipped with best tools and equipments to handle a
lot of different makes and kinds of tractors.  

  1. Cleaning
    Caused by strict rules of agricultural departments, we steam
    clean the tractors complete, a very intensive and precise job.
  2. Repainting
    On customers demand we can repaint the tractor as you wish;
    Complete (like new), only the bottom side, only the wheels or
    …. you mention it, we do the good job !
  3. Tires
    With our tire changer we can change all tires as used in agriculture.
    Beside that, we have a lot of used tires in stock to choose from !
  4. Dynamometer-test 
    Before delivering the tractor, it is dyno-tested, so you can see that you really buy the right hp, not the factory-given hp !
    (This is the cause of our slogan KOFOPOWER IS THE RIGHT POWER!).
    We can send you the test report before you decide to buy the
    tractor by fax or email. 



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