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The KoFo BV Tractor Centre company buys and sells worldwide used agricultural tractors, with a focus on the farm tractors in the 80hp to 500hp range and the target to sell reliable tractors to satisfied customers.

We are a family company what tries to do the right job, quick and correct, together with our loyal employees.
Started in 1980 with the local farmers as main customers, KoFo is grown out to a nice scaled worldwide operating company. 
After trading spread out from  Holland, Belgium and Germany to  England, Scandinavian and other European countries, we trade now worldwide, to every continent.

Our main job nowadays is to relieve dealers of their trade-ins from various makes, check the tractors thoroughly in our workshop, and resell them.
Beside the endusers, the farmers, we have a lot of dealers as clients, who are willing to buy young, good quality and showroom and/or field-ready tractors.

And about our future plans ?

We would love to talk with you about that when we meet you personally in our company !






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