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KoFo BV Tractor Centre is located in the eastern part of Holland,
near the German border, and in the middle part of the Netherlands.
Roughly just inbetween Amsterdam and Hannover -Germany.

Location / delivery & pick-up address :

Country     : Netherlands, often called Holland
State          : Overijssel (OV)
City            : Vriezenveen
Area           : Vriezenveen-WEST, small industrial zone called „Weitzelpoort“.
Zip-code     : 7671DA
Street         : Nijverheidsweg 18

Driving directions

(descriptions / map following soon)
Located near city of ALMELO, than follow "Vriezenveen" West side
Industrial-area : WEITZELPOORT

By plane

# Amsterdam (Schiphol), than 2 hours by train to Almelo)
# Münster-Osnabrück (FMO), than 1,5 hours by car or train
# Düsseldorf (DUS), than 1,5 hours by car or train

www.klm.com                    (worldwide, most to Amsterdam -Dusseldorf)
www.airberlin.de               (European)
www.transavia.com           (European)
www.ryanair.com               (European, specialized UK…..)
www.vueling.com               (European, specialized mediterranean)

By train : travel to Holland, station Almelo (central station)
                      Holland     : www.ns.nl       also in english
                      Germany  : www.bahn.de  diff languages

Call us on : +31-(0)546-564926 when you arrive in Almelo (Central) and we will pick you up by car; it takes a 15 min. drive to KoFo BV.

Where to stay ?

hotels in our neighbourhood : pls. check it out on

than click on the red surface with the text : "Zoek een hotel in de omgeving van Vriezenveen"

There you'll find the site in many different languages and many hotels -whole netherlands.

Quit hotels : we recommend hotel Droste in Tubbergen (15 minutes drive)  www.drostes.nl
                    or hotel Elshuis in Albergen (30 minutes drive)                                                                                                                                                    www.hoteliers.nl/albergen/landhotel-elshuys                 
Entertainment        : hotel / parycentrum Preston Palace in Almelo:   www.prestonpalace.nl
Find hotels near Highways in Holland : www.bus-idee.nl/Vlakbijdesnelweg.htm

Other interesting companies in our neighbourhood

www.euromachinery.nl                      construction machinery
www.schmidtbouwmachines.nl          construction machinery
www.lenferink.nl                                one of Holland biggest car-warehouses
                                                           deals also in vans, pick-ups and trucks.


Nearest Ritchie-Bros Auctions ?         Check it out on www.rbauction.com   

                                                              Meppen (Germany)             45 minutes drive only !!
APRIL 25 - 27                                        Moerdijk (Holland)               2,5 hours drive


Call Us Skype

KoFo Tractor Centre

Nijverheidsweg 18 7671 DA Vriezenveen
+31 546 564 926
+31 546 564 875